Live Edge Tables & Benches

Vashon Woodworks specializes in Live Edge Tables & Benches.  We offer a variety of Table sizes, including Dining, Conference, Coffee, Side & Entry Tables.  Additionally we can custom create a variety of Specialty Products, including Countertops, Shelving, Doors, Gates, Fences, Stairs, Fireplace Mantles, Headboards, Wall Art, Sculptures and related Wood Products.

Madrona Table with Stainless sections


Entry Gate with Red Cedar Posts; Yellow Cedar Frame, with Red Cedar slats.

Custom Portico with Custom Walnut Main Door, Madrona Bench, and Knotty Pine Entry Siding.

Custom Cherry & Walnut Dutch Door, and Madrona Bench


We have an extensive inventory of Maple, Madrona, Redwood, Oak, & Walnut Tables

Currently we have Maple, Madrona, Redwood, Walnut, Oak, Locust, Fir & Cedar Tables. Dining & Conference Sized Tables range from 5 Feet Long, up to 12’L.

Transforming fallen logs into Live Edge Tables has been a great experience. It is part art, and part craftsman, but all creative! There’s always some way to come up with new ideas to make use of most of our harvest. We look forward to working with you and assisting you in creating your own artistic piece of furniture, art, or both!


Matt Barnes

“I am honored to have provided an atmosphere where creation of art is available to the absolute fullest. Every piece of wood is so unique, and my love for nature and wood has been life long. This company is a dream come true.”

Alex Sinner