The Process

Vashon Woodworks sources most of its hardwood – mainly Maple and Madrona – from the island, and sources specialty logs -such as Black Locust, Cherry, and Redwood – from on and off island. Once the logs have been milled into slabs, they are stacked under cover and cured until the moisture content of the wood drops to <14%.


After proper curing, slabs are planed flat, sanded smooth, and cleaned prior to final finishing. Depending on the desired function of the wood, we first oil the Table with natural Tung Oil, which enhances the grain color, and helps seal the Table from moisture.  We then add final top coats of either Plural Component Epoxy, for a glossy finish, or additional coatings of natural Tung Oil, for eating surfaces. Bases are custom designed and produced for each individual Table by V.W.W. or local associate craftsman, Jake Dillon. Finally, once a project has been completed, it is branded, delivered, and installed in the customer’s residence.